Gaijin Gunpla
This is it, all pieced together. Before putting it altogether I weathered it using some techniques I saw on the internet. I used the marker that is the ‘sand’ colour and coloured it across an edge and then took a Q-Tip and rubbed it all over the edges of the model. It looks like the robot has been out in the elements and is a little dusty. I also took my rust colour marker and added rust to certain creases and joints. The photographer at work took some pictures for the site, and here they are.

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  1. kusakusa says:

    looks nice, though i would recommend you to use waterslide decals. they're not that hard to find anyway. cheers

  2. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Hi, Thanks for the comment.

    I agree I should have used the waterslides. I am still contemplating sanding him down and doing it again using waterslides. Perhaps when I am inbetween kits and need something to satisfy my urges.

  3. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    …and so I did.

  4. Mathai says:

    The new hands look nice. Do you work for HLJ? that backdrop looks familiar 🙂

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