Gaijin Gunpla

Uncharted territory for me. Gundam kits come molded in colour so that you don’t need to do any painting, however there are many builders who like to paint and I wanted to give it a try. Not owning an airbrush I am using Tamiya spray paints. First thing I did was construct a contraption to hold my pieces in place for spraying/drying. A simple cardboard box and some styrofoam and voila. (Voila is french for look at my carboard and styrofoam). Using chopsticks and skewers I was able to get everything to stay in place.

Some of these pieces will be two colours which meant I had to spray one colour on first, then mask it, then spray again. I opted to spray the light silver colour on first, followed by the black. There were a couple pieces that I sprayed too heavily which meant I had to sand down the paint and repaint it.

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    quite elaborate for your first time! good for you. i started small and just did the sword for my red astray when i was starting out but you jumped right in! nice result too.

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