Gaijin Gunpla

Shin Matsunaga’s Zaku version 2.0

What a mouthful that title was. As I have come to understand it, the bad guys in the Gundam universe drive these Zaku suits. This particular one belongs to Shin Matsunaga, or the White Wolf, as he is called. Once again, I really have no idea. I just like the look of the kit.

The first page in the instruction book starts with the feet, so that’s where I started. I knew I wanted to do a more detailed job on this kit than the last one, so I picked up some extra supplies (files, sandpaper, coloured markers, etc.).

What you can’t really see in this picture is how I used a paint marker to colour the pistons inside the foot. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about these Master Grade kits. The amount of detail in the frame. There’s a piston in the front and rear of both of these fit.

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