Gaijin Gunpla

I ran my two cans of Mr. Color Grand Prix White dry this weekend painting the first batch of little parts for the F91.  I figured it would be fairly simple to pick up two or three more cans if I needed them.  However…

There are no more in stock at work.  The Toys ‘R’ Us near my house does not have any.  The Toys ‘R’ Us near my work does not have any.  The Yamada Denki near my house does not have any.  There are none listed on Yahoo Auction.   Oh no!
I thought of repainting all the white parts with a cheap white lacquer spray I saw at a Home Center but then discarded that idea as I had already top-coated the pieces I had sprayed.  As a last resort I tried something I had never done before.  I used Yahoo shopping.  I found three people selling it, but only one guy selling it in a quantity greater than 1.  So I ordered 3 from that seller, filled out the order form as best I could using my limited japanese, and will bank transfer the money tonight.  phew.
In related news, I may be ditching the spray cans for an airbrush.  Go big or go home!

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