Gaijin Gunpla

As you saw in my previous entry, I haven’t yet done anything about the hands. This is because I wanted to try out a set of ‘special hands’. These hands are made by a seperate company called ‘B-Club’ and are much more detailed. However, that detail means that the hands come in fixed position and need to be assembled.
The set includes 6 hands in different positions. Clenched fist, holding gun, holding beam sword, pointing, etc. You can just change them as you pose your Gundam. They require quite a bit of clean up for assembly and the plastic they are made from is very soft, so if you are not careful you can sand off too much too fast.
And here they are all assembled. Well, almost. It seems that the hands that hold the weapons may need some glue. I think this will mean that I have to insert the weapon, then glue the hands together. Which will result in the weapon being permanently clutched in that hand.

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