Gaijin Gunpla

This is the part I really wanted to try. Adding or removing plastic to change the definition and geometry of a piece and the project overall. Not to get too carried away, I started simple with my original design.

With these pieces that will be on top of the shoulder, I added only a couple of small pieces of plastic. I don’t too many large smooth surfaces.

This is the piece that I will refer to as the groin. Haha.. Anyways, this piece is rather plain and flat. I wanted to buff it up a bit.

Taking my PIA plate sheet plastic, or styrene, and cutting some small, very small, pieces and cementing them together I was able to come up with this.
This also widens the groin area so that less of the frame shows through at that point. This is only the start of it. I will add some pieces to the guns as well and probably some more on the armour, especially the shoulder area.

Well, someone thinks it’s cool.

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