Gaijin Gunpla


So I have finished assembly of the frame. All innards have been pieced together so I assembled it to take some pics. I am moving along at a pretty good clip. Still lots of work to be done.
Looking at it standing up, I am pondering extending the legs. Depending on where I put the extension I could show off more detail under the armour. If I put the extension in the thigh area then it will make the mecha look taller or more menacing. If I put the entension around the ankle it will allow you to see the piston at the ankle. hmmm..
And some pics of the inside, or frame I guess, of some of the weapons. I used some Gundam paint marker to add color here.
“But where are the hands?”, you ask. Well, you’ll have to wait til next time.

手が無い。  心配しないで下さい。

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