Gaijin Gunpla

間違いました。 だめだ!
So I committed one of the largest blunders you can when building a model kit. I failed to fully read and understand the instructions. Now I have at least one problem. See image below. More specifically, see the red circles on the image below.


First, and foremost, (and the biggest,) is the side of the head. (see red circle). This is supposed to be yellow! When I was glancing at the instruction booklet, I thought this was a separate piece, and because I would be painting I thought I would put it on later. No! The worst part is that I cemented the head pieces together. So.. to make this yellow I have four options I am considering.


1) Cut through the cement and seperate the pieces again. I don’t really want to do it this way.

2) Mask off the entire head, except for that tiny piece and spray paint it yellow, then mask the yellow when painting the rest of the head. This seems painstaking.

3) Spray paint the entire head and then paint this piece yellow with a brush. I don’t think I can get a good coat with just a brush.

4) Cut out that piece, paint it yellow, paint the head, and then try to glue the piece back in.

I think I will go for option 2, and if that doesn’t work, then go to option 3. If worse comes to worst, I will try option 4. Oh, but that’s not all..

If you look at the picture above, these pieces are supposed to be white with yellow on the inside edge, but the kit comes with it the same colour as the frame. Hmm.. I will mask off the tiny piece in the middle and spray it yellow I think.


Again, according to the photo on the kit (which is always a prototype and not necessarily a production) the inside edge is suppsed to be yellow, with black panel lines. I think I could mask off everything except the panel edge leaving these two pieces together and paint it followed by a panel wash. hmmmmmm.
And this was the first problem I noticed and am attempting to correct. If you look at the red-circled diagram above you can see that this piece is white with black on the outside ‘frames’. However, the kits has them in just white with no decals. So I went through the time-consuming process of masking off the white leaving the exposed parts to be painted black.
Then when the daughter was asleep rushed outside and gave them a coat of black.
After removing the masking tape, the result is not too bad. I will use my knife to scrape off some of the black that isn’t supposed to be there. Then I will pull this piece apart (it originally is two pieces) and colour the inside yellow. Once that is finished, I plan to put it back together, mask off the black/yellow and spray it white.
Ahh. The joy of Gunpla

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