Gaijin Gunpla

Kit: MG Gundam F91f91

Categories: Builds, Customs (S2), F91, MG

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    i love your backdrop. you set it up very nicely.

  2. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Thanks but I can’t take credit. I just used the camera and backdrop that was already set up at my workplace. I just pointed and clicked, not very well at that.

  3. Mom says:

    I 'spect it's all in developing the photographer eye. Me? I usually end up with something 'growing' out of the object. No photographer's eye!

  4. 花蕊 says:

    cool man! i really make it great!

  5. ant1ph0n says:

    neat! i've seen your work at

    i'm quite jealous -_-

  6. Tony says:

    I mean this in the nicest way possible – but its pretty cool to see how much better you’ve gotten over the years. While this is still better than anything I’ve built, when you compare it to your more recent builds its clear that your skills have really drastically improved over time.

    • syd says:

      Thanks Tony, I understand exactly what you mean. But, you know, I still look at the F91 and think ‘This turned out pretty cool’. That kit is one of the first I did any significant mods to and in many areas I haven’t gone back to do those things again. That kit was built before I learned my limitations. 😉

  7. Ricko JT says:

    Hello, Syd. I’m from Indonesia. MG F91 is my 1st MG. I found some hard time on attach wrist part in for both left and right(In manual book, page 8 step 3 and step 4). Can you give me some tips?. Thanks

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