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Now that the F91 is finished and out of the way it’s time to start the next one. “What is next?”, you ask. I will let my daughter show you.

It’s the Hi Nu Gundam!


My wife picked this up for me at Toys-backwards ‘R’-Us for my birthday. It was an early birthday present because at the end of April, there was a 20% off sale.

妻は僕の誕生日の為に此れを買ってくれました。 よかった!

I intend to extend the legs and skirt to make it taller, expand the shoulders and chest to make it beefier, change the shape of the head slightly to make it fiercer, and to not make huge mistakes!


There are a lot of pieces to this one!

I won’t be priming as I felt that was almost a waste of time with the F91 so instead I took some dish soap and a toothbrush and scrubbed the pieces while still on the sprue to take off any excess film that might prevent paint from sticking.

Then I hung them up to dry.

Next I will show you the aftermarket pieces I intend to use. Wish me luck!

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  1. G.G. says:

    Your wife got you that for birthday!?!? Now where did you find a gal like that?! Let me guess… Right time, right place, right girl. LOL Just one word.."JEALOUS" =)

    This kit is very nice. I built & painted mine more than a year ago. Is still one of my favorite kit.

    You can check out my version at:

    One thing to be aware about this kit is the poorly designed cockpit cover. Many including myself have found that piece to not fit tightly to the kit. You may consider to mod it a little so it fits better.

    Looking forward to your progress!

  2. Busterbeam says:

    yeah me too! i love this model as well but i’ve never built it myself. GG did a really good job on his, i remember his gallery from some time back. If your F91 was any indication this one is going to look pretty damn good too. I like the ideas that you put out there. cute kid btw!

  3. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Thanks guys. Your Hi Nu looks awesome GG! Did you airbrush? The painting looks so clean. I like the shield as well. I noticed on that the cockpit cover doesn’t seem to close all the way so I am pondering how to tackle that problem.

  4. G.G. says:

    Yeah I used airbrush…is really the only way to get a good paint job.

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