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If you have been following my progress on the F91 from the beginning (It’s okay. You can admit that you haven’t. No one will know.) you may remember that I wrote earlier about my problems with the head. You can read about it here

Well, tonight I may have conquered!
This piece is what caused me all the problems. The two circles on either side are supposed to be yellow, but I didn’t know this when I assembled and glued the head together.

I sawed through the seam I glued on the back of the head to disassemble it and take that piece back out.
I tried masking everything and painting those two circles yellow, but the paint didn’t stick. So I primed it and painted it yellow, but again the paint didn’t take. So I sprayed it all black.

Then I came up with a plan.

The first step was to paint the front half of the head.

“But what about the yellow”, you ask? Well, I thought I would do it one better.Picked myself up some ‘vulcans’. There are twenty of these suckers in the bag. This should last me through several 1/100 MG kits. But they were too long, so I had to get to trimming and filing.
Once they were the right length I had to do some modifications to some head pieces. First I had to remove the plastic that would be in the way of my shiny, new, metal vulcans. Then I took my black gundam marker to make it black again.
I also blackened the inside of the head.

Then assembled the head and painstakingly glued in the vulcans.
Sweeeeet! Now I have to reglue the seam at the back and work on removing it before painting. That’s for next time.

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  1. 5thLuna says:

    hello there,
    i came across from FFF.
    i love F91 so much. cant wait your complete!

  2. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your comment! I hope I can put together an F91 that you will like. I am nearing the end doing panel lining and soon will be applying decals. My goal is to finish by Wednesday.

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