Gaijin Gunpla

I picked up some brass rods, in 1.5mm and 2mm diameters, the other day hoping they would be the solution to the problems I was having with the legs. I lengthened the legs a while back but the cement was not strong enough to hold the parts together and the amount of movement the ankle and calf have during poses would put too much stress on a weld of just cement.

I took my pin vise and drilled down the center of the leg extension and inserted the brass rod. I then drilled into the lower leg part and then glued everything together. The weld seems much stronger, however, the angle might be a little off. I think once the armour is on that it should be alright.

My solution to the pistons on the lower leg was to take my 3mm plastic rod and drill a 1.5 mm diameter whole into it. Then I inserted the brass rod and drilled through the frame.

This is the result
And this is how it will look. It moves pretty smoothly and has enough friction that it should help holding the mecha in position in different poses.

I glued the newly-constructed pieces together and once it is dry will start painting. I will paint the pieces separately and then assemble it. I won’t use glue to hold the frame together because I want to be able to replace just one piece should my leg extensions prove too weak.

I have also come up with a solution for the colour dilemma, but I will try it out to see if it will work like I think before I show it off.

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