Gaijin Gunpla


While they stated that it takes 2 to 3 weeks for delivery, my replacement parts arrived within a week!

Look a this pleasant packaging. Apparently, I overpaid and they send back some stamps in lieu.

Here is the part I needed the most. The front of the head. I originally tried to widen the holes to insert metal vulcans but that didn’t go so well and will try something else with this one.
The other parts I ordered include parts for the waist and for the legs if my modifications don’t work properly. Good to have backups.
And we’re back on track!
Almost all painting is finished. Decals are now on the skirt, shoulders, and legs. Feet are done. Soon… very soon..

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  1. G.G. says:

    woah… I never knew you can order spare parts… I am so noob. How much does it cost to do that?

  2. Busterbeam says:

    it depends on the part and the grade of the kit. i did the same thing with my mg impulse. i ordered an extra anti ship sword. i also overpaid. but GaiGun you should be careful, because I think my post office vauchers expired already 🙁 but if you only got stamps back you should be ok.

  3. Eddieleon says:

    How do Your order the extra parts can u tell me plz i need some parts thank you.

  4. niejokenn says:

    How did you exactly ordered spare parts from bandai? are you from within Japan?Thanks pls reply. Because I want to order boosters for my MG Shining Gundam

  5. Raffaele says:

    I’m Raffaele, I have purchased in Italy the model Full Metal Ghost ( collaboration Bandai + Threezero A)
    The model has two pedals where the pilot introduce itself into the chest.
    The pedals in my model are not symmetrical but everyone is the same .

    My question is:

    May I buy the pedal symmetric ??
    How much the cost ??

    Help me please

    Thank you very much


  6. Nelson Peraza says:

    Hi Syd,

    Honestly love reading you reviews, it’s my go to source whenever I’m thinking about new kits. but I’ve got a question maybe you could help me with. Do you know the 7 digit R code for this Mg Hi Nu? I’ve lost a piece and can’t seem to find that code on any other site.
    Any info at all would be great.

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