Gaijin Gunpla

And some panel lines I need to clean up…

The big question I had for tonight was how to get my aftermarket metal thrusters into the back of the torso. I had previously cut off the rounded nubs for the normal thruster and drilled some primary holes.
What I opted to do was attach the thrusters to a small piece of 5mm diameter rod and then insert that piece of rod into the back of the torso.
This involved using my pin vise, file, design knife and whatever else I could find to widen the hole and reduce the diameter of the rod.

The result:
Oh ya baby. It really went in snugly. I used model cement anyway to hold it in place (I hope it holds it in place).

Also slapped together these things.. whatever they are
Some decaling and fin funnels remain, plus the final touches to the head and final cleanup.

so close.. so close..

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