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I hurt my thumb trying to pry apart pieces of the Shin Musha Gundam. Don’t worry. The gundam is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s better than perfectly fine. It is finely perfect. I exaggerate, but only a little.

I didn’t like the goldish plastic that came with the shin musha kit for the piping. I found the colour I wanted to use and it’s called Tamiya Silver Leaf! It sprays so cleanly and leaves a beautiful shine. One coat was enough for each piece.

And after some assembly, and starting a few panel lines. I can show the sub assembled pieces before I put the decals and finish the panel lining.

First the feet!

Then the legs! Mmm…

Sode and Kote… armour terms for those who don’t know. He is a Musha Gundam so I gotta talk about the Yoroi.

Skirt and lower torso!

The torso and shoulders! Mmmm.. shiny! キラキラですね。

The backpack with shiny thrusters!

The kabuto (helmet for you non japanese martial arts lingo speakers out there) and the face which I hacked off with my saw so I could glue the helmet to remove seam lines.

Face glued back on! Now let’s let it dry and this weekend I can apply decals and finish the panel lining.

My original plan was to dirty and damage him up a bit and I have some ideas I want to try, but he is so shiny and beautiful I don’t know if I have the courage to do it.

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  1. G.G. says:

    Hey I like the silver leaf color. You are right is better than Gold.

  2. americansalaryman says:

    Wow, that silver looks damn nice!
    Are you using just the spray can, or an air brush.
    You're tempting me to go pick up a can myself to try it out!

  3. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Presently, I am using Tamiya spray cans. I had tried Mr. Color spray cans but they run out so quickly, I was not pleased. The Tamiya seems to be hit or mess. The metallics and blacks cover beautifully as evidenced by the Silver Leaf, yet the yellows and reds don't seem to hold as well. One day I will switch to an airbrush. One day.. One day…

  4. americansalaryman says:

    Thanks for the info, I may look into it.
    I did spray paint my first PG Zeta, thinking I'd go all out. In the long run it didn't look to different from not painting it, and in some cases where my spray technique sucked, worse. That and there's just not anywhere good to spray paint at home!

  5. Busterbeam says:

    *note to self. Pick up silver leaf spray can*

    love the colours man! you're doing a great job! btw… i had a similar injury myself. not fun. im a lot more careful now. gunpura shouldnt hurt!

  6. freedom says:

    Hi Gaijin Gunpla,

    I really love all your works! Great Job!. Just wondering, what type of top coat did you used to proctec the paint? Was it clear/gloss or semi-gloss?Thanks

  7. echo says:

    Hi Gaijin Gunpla! Did you prime before spraying with Silver leaf? Thanks!

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