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Today (monday) was umi no hi, or ocean day, here in Japan which means everyone had the day off. I used my free time to do some painting, and repainting, and masking, and painting… etc.

Let’s see what we have, shall we?

First a torso. I haven’t done anything with the black pieces yet so everything is assembled up until that point. I haven’t included the pilot figure because I don’t want a blotch of red inside the mecha and I don’t have what it takes to paint the little guy. I also want to keep the cockpit space free in case I decide to put a battery in there for an LED eye.
Here is the skirt. It will just sit here for awhile until I am ready to put on armour.
Here’s the arm. I want to make the moving mechanical parts stick out so they have been painted a gloss aluminum colour.

The foot. You can see the ankle part is also gloss aluminum.

And here’s the leg. You can see some more moving, gloss aluminum pieces. I ran into a bit of a problem when assembling the legs.

Due to the tightness of the fit of this kit, and the layer of paint that was added, some paint came off while I was trying to assemble it. This part of the frame will be visible as it isn’t covered by armour. So I am going to paint it again.
Which means I mask off the gloss aluminum parts.
Here is some more mini-masking prior to painting a different colour.
So far so good.. although I think I am going to run out of paint before I finish the whole frame.

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  1. G.G. says:

    If you are going for the LED eye, pls take more shots of your steps, since I never attempted using LED before, so that I get into the know-how.

    I look forward to your detailings, thats the fun part of building a MG.

  2. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    I am relatively new to the LED myself. I will try to document my process if I decide to go through with it.

  3. Tonzo says:

    I'm interested in the LED process too.

    Really like the frame detailing. Very nice!

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