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Well, the rainy season is upon us here in Kanto so painting is plodding along. I manage to do little pieces here and there and then follow up with the decals and what not. Right now, I am waiting to paint the last pieces so I can do the final topcoat.

Let’s see where we are, shall we?

I needed to attach the foot to the leg before I could put the last of the armour on. It was make or break. I would see if my leg extensions were strong enough or not.
Well, one of them was strong enough, while the other started to come loose. I quickly clamped and cemented it. It is strong again, but poseability will be limited. As long as it looks cool, right.

Here are the arms:
Here are the arms on drugs. I mean, attached to the torso.

The torso actually turned out better than I thought it would after I have been fighting with it for 2 months. I is ‘volumed up’ by a millimeter or more and I added small pieces of pla plate and putty to cover where the joins are.

Some touch up with the paint will need to be done before I attach the head.

I don’t have a pic of the head, but I gave it a spray (with that thick hardware store paint) and it turned out not bad. The seam line is gone! I will need to gloss coat it for decals and then will post a pic.

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  1. G.G. says: are almost done! I am barely halfway with my Astraea. Nice job.

    I like all the custom veniers.

    For the chest vents and the lower portion of the cockpit cover, is that painted with black color?

  2. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    thanks! yes, the chest vents and cockpit cover are painted black. i wanted the chest vents to look like they were part of the frame. The cockpit cover was painted black to break up the colors in that area.

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