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So it begins!

After some back and forth comments among the Gundam Bloggers the idea of a Group Sinanju Build started to take form. The administrator of the cool Gundam forum, Evil Cow, even created a thread inviting others to join. Check it out here.

More and more people have jumped on board and pictures are starting to appear, so I can wait no longer!

So far we have Gundam Guy, The American Salaryman in Tokyo, Lupes, Nightbringer and Sonar. Busterbeam will also be doing some work on his completed Sinanju. It’s gonna be tight, y’all!

(It’s also a long weekend here in Japan and I figured it would be a good time to start.)

Let me show you what I have in mind…


“What’s with the picture?”, you are thinking. What? You’re not thinking that? Well, I assumed you would think that. Let’s just go with that.

I have a theme in mind for my Sinanju but I don’t want to reveal it until the proper time. From now on, when it comes to colour schemes, the pictures in this blog will be in monochrome. It’s a teaser for ya.

But I can show you some of the other supplies I picked up.


Had to pick this up on the Yahoo auction. Got it for 1,800 yen which isn’t bad considering the demand for them at the time.


Sinanju Action Base. The Sinanju looks awesome and I really want to be able to pose this guy for great pictures. I will have to paint the base to match the Sinanju colors.


Custom decals from Samuel Decal as well as some generic decals from Wave. I won’t use all of them, but I already have a good idea which ones I will use and how.
Aftermarket parts

This is mostly for the mono-eye and weapons sights. I picked up some Aurora stickers and some Green Mono-eyes as well as housings.

I already tested them out to see which one will give me the desired effect.
The one on the left is the Green Mono-eye and the right is the Aurora sticker. The Green mono eye is definitely darker although you can’t tell from this crappy picture. I will try to get a better pic at some point. I may also try an LED but that’s for later. I test fitted the mono-eye housing on the head piece and it looks like it will fit perfectly. I might not even need any glue!

I prepared some frame pieces for painting. I won’t do much of a test build because I already know what I will need to do after staring at the instruction book for a few weeks now.

But what will I do about this seam line? This is the one thing that has me scratching my head.
Stay Tuned!

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  1. Tonzo says:

    Ooohhh the suspense!

    Great to see the SGBP gaining some momentum. Also I will be interested to see how you tackle the seam lines as I was expecting them to be a bit tricky with this kit.

    Be sure to let us know at Gundam Australia Forum when you've posted an update.

  2. Tonzo says:

    Oh and don't get too carried away with an LED for the head, as the mono eye is largely obscured by the visor from what I've seen of this kit so far.

    My father in law built this kit. He's in his mid fifties and said it was a challenge.

  3. G.G. says:

    Great start with you nice supplies. I wish I can get those custom verniers & eye. Can't find them here in the states. Now you got me all hyped up for this group build.

    Tonzo: You got a pretty cool father in law there.

  4. Busterbeam says:

    i agree! it'd be really cool to have a father in law like that.

    thats a lot of supplies you got there! i have a feeling this one is going to be pretty unique! i'm sure its going to be quite demanding too though! blah i cant even look at you guys for advice because i've already finished mine… but i may do a bit of an upgrade by the time you lot are through.

  5. americansalaryman says:

    Nice idea with the monochromo, I think I'm going to have to do that too rather than reveal my colors, as I decided to go with different ones than my initial planning.

  6. lupes says:

    I like all the detail up parts, need to find myself some of those someday…

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