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The MAN over at the Evil Cow Forum was gracious enough to send me some Blu-Tack! I call him the MAN because he’s the man! You can’t get this stuff here. I can now work on painting the thrusters. Like so:

I have also begun colour tests. I painted a thruster half silver and the other half silver and then smoke. I think the smoke turned out too dark so I will go with just the silver.
And I have sprayed a spare piece of pla plate one half gold and one half semigloss black covered with gold. Can you guess which side is which?
I think I will opt for the semi-gloss black then gold. This means I will have to spray most of the small black/gold parts three times! Well, more than that if you count topcoat… and if I choose to use primer…

I have also spent some time this weekend doing.. yup, you guessed it, more masking.


Becomes this:
And once this typhoon goes away and the sky clears up I will paint this as well.
The armour is all primed except for the parts with the panel lines. I did a test spray on the main colour I will use for the armour and it came out looking well. I think it will take several coats, but that is why I bought 6 cans of the stuff. Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    6 cans?! wow. instead of blu tack i just use appropriately placed used chewing gum. yeah im ghetto. gundam modeling for the man on budget! thats me. and one can of paint for one model! thats usually how i do it. looking good though man. keep it up!

  2. Tonzo says:

    Lol. Ghetto-Tack.

    Glad it arrived so quickly Gaijin. I am loving the masking. You're really taking that a step further than most would and I have a feeling it's going to yield some spectacular results when you get it in the pro booth at work for some pics.

    Can't wait.

  3. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    I think I have spent more on paint than I have on the kit. Six cans of ____ for the armour. Two cans of semi-gloss black, two cans of gun metal, one can each of mr. color gold and silver, two tall cans of white primer (one is already gone). One can of silver aluminum for the internals. I will need to pick up another can of gloss topcoat soon. yikes

  4. Asian1skill says:

    lol dats a lot of time spent on masking and painting i a student could never afford to do dat lol but still cant wait to see final product and it will be learning for me so i can get better at madeling

  5. Xenitro says:

    Oohh, you are keeping the main body colour still secret ^^ . Dont worry. When it comes to costs. Paint usually costs more then the kit.. even somtimes for ABing. love your attention to detail!


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