Gaijin Gunpla

Or is it anal-retentive?

I just spent hours masking tiny, little, almost unseeable pieces of the gun. I wanted to paint it in Dark Gun Metal with some other colours used to break it up somewhat.
See what I mean? Micro-masking.
And again!
The pictures make it look pretty big but trust me, it is not.

But the results speak for themselves (except for the crappy lighting in my room at 11pm).
I used some more of my aurora stickers for the scopes.
I am really impressed with how the rifle is turning out. I can see it coming together. Which is something I can’t do with Sinanju itself right now as I haven’t even finished the frame.


There is one part of the frame that I finished tonight that will look awesome once I assemble it. I am really proud of myself actually. I will assemble the frame without armour and then take it to work for some good quality shots before I start putting the armour on.

Look forward to it!

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  1. Tonzo says:

    I suffer from micro-obsessing as well x_x

    Use blu-tac for those small masking jobs, much easier than tape. ^^

  2. G.G. says:

    me too…. I suffere from micro-obessive perfectionist mentality. I used to love doing masking, but now it is becoming a tedious boring task. It is because I am in the midst of it right now….

  3. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    I don't mind it but I usually have something else going on at the time to keep me distracted. So I will be cutting the masking tape into tiny strips while I am watching something on my computer or chatting, etc.

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