Gaijin Gunpla

Which, in Gaijin Gunpla jargon, translates to ‘more masking’.

With silver-week beginning here it is time for me to get my act together and try to bring this thing to completion. I have spent the last several nights sitting at my desk until 1am putting tiny decals on to big pieces of armour. Nice results, though so I shouldn’t complain. I would like to show ya, but the colour scheme is still classified.

I have started the masking of the black and gold pieces. This turned out to be not as difficult as I originally imagined but just as time consuming. I won’t know until I spray the gold whether I did an adequate job or not.

When I get tired of trying to place little .5 mm by .5mm decal I take a break and work on the bazooka. Which means more masking!

And the best part of today’s entry; Today my replacement parts came from Bandai!
I used my last 300 yen postal money order type note thingy and it was just enough to get the 3 pieces I needed and pay for the shipping. I am so glad they came today and not after the silver week vacation. With luck I may have the torso assembled within the next week.

I also got an extra set of the gold-foil stickers from the very gentlemanly American Salaryman.

I will attempt to use them as a mask for painting the shield. If it works out, touch-up should be minimal. More on that later.

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  1. G.G. says:

    Dude…all that masking must had been tiring. I felt tired just looking at all the parts you masked. But good job and time well spent. Now let's hold our breath and see how the coat of gold would turn out. Hopefully it will be perfect with minial touch up.

    By the way, whats your overall color scheme? (I know…nice try.)

    I eagerly awaits your result of using sticker for masking.

  2. Tonzo says:

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if his colour scheme was red, with a bit of black and some gold trims? ^^

  3. G.G. says:

    Ha! I think so as well. I am guessing GunGai would paint it similiar to how Lupes painted his, but with matt. red.

    I think the Sinanju only looks good with certain colors (original red, blue, black).

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