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They changed the lighting rig at work so these pictures seem kind of dark, but for the most part they show what I wanted to show, ne. This was put together rather quickly and I feel doesn’t quite match the rifle but stands on its own, nonetheless. Once the Sinanju is finished I will put the rifle and bazooka together for some monster guns shots!

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    nice shots man. love the golden shells and the lense work. did you use aurora stickers for those? the whole thing looks great

  2. G.G. says:

    Nice detailing work.

    I am planning to purchase some aurora stickers too, but I wonder how to cut it to make the circular shape of the lens or the shape of an eye? Seems like it would be very hard to do..

  3. marc says:

    looks really nice, what colour did you use n the bazooka?
    and for the aurora stickers, i orderderd some from hlj they come in different shapes on the same sheet.

  4. Asian1skill says:

    looks amazing i should paint ma bazooka too lol

  5. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Thanks guys. The aurora stickers I was using came from HLJ (of course) but looks like they are out of stock. Perhaps HIQ parts have some still. On that one sheet were stickers the perfect size for the mono-eye and the rifle and bazooka scopes. Lucky me!

  6. Tonzo says:

    Damn that thing is nicely done. The gold shells are glorious, but what really strikes me is the minute detail. The precision and perfection of the angles, and how those decals are exactly centred and straight. Can't wait for the grand unveiling!

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