Gaijin Gunpla

Test built the pack this evening with it taking just over an hour. I really had no interest in this part of the kit but it turns out that the build was a lot of fun. Lots of moving parts and big wings. It’s a mecha dream, come true (maybe). I haven’t bothered to take care of the nubs or anything like that yet and I still haven’t figured out the colour scheme I will use for it, so it went back into the box until I am ready to deal with it again.

I built the shield a few days ago. I have a mod in mind that I will try and then I will start to give it the damage look and paint it.

And the 内部 frame has been painted. Once the weather gets better I will start painting the armour and then it’s dry-brushing time.
Til next time…

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  1. marc says:

    looks good and im looking forward to see the mods. good luck.

  2. Asian1skill says:

    wow so fast!!!!

  3. Tsukinari says:

    nice get XD.. ur very fast.. me building HG takes forever lol.. cant wait till it finished ^^

  4. Jonathan says:


    Hey! First off, really nice work on the kits. In fact, I find your work so nice that I'd like to request your permission to use photos of some of your model kits in a presentation I'm giving on building Gundam Model Kits. Would that be alright?

    Please let me know,

    Jonathan McNamara

  5. Tonzo says:

    I get what you mean about the IWSP pack. It's a nice looking bit of gear. Looking forward to your colour scheme. Can't help but wonder if it will be as bold and dramatic as the last one…. 😉

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