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Kit: MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver. Ka

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  1. Busterbeam says:


  2. G.G. says:

    I've got to say… I more I look at it. The more I like it. The custom color reminds me of the first time I saw the orange colored Gouf Ignited (piloted by the awesome Heine Westenfluss, whom had died to soon). Totally cool.

    Awaiting your custom decal post!

    And whats your next project gonna be?

  3. G.G. says:

    OH I forgot to say that I also like how you twisted around the leg thrusters in a couple of your pics. That looks awesome!

  4. Anonymous says:

    those leg thrusters are completely amazing… much like my ex-wife, I think it looks better from behind.

  5. Tonzo says:

    The more I look, the mmore I am impressed by the precision of the details. Spotting more decals each time, always symmetrical too.

    I too look forward to seeing you write a little about your decal process, and also what you do next.

    Fantastic pics once again. That must be an awesome setup they have. The colour difference is noticable right? I preferred the hue under the warm setup but I feel the details look better under the cool.

  6. Luiscatlipoca says:

    Beautiful job man, I’m really learning a lot of stuff from you, just one question, you often say that you sometimes do your own decals for your models like this one (yeah i think it was this one), could you please explain how you do it?

    • syd says:

      When I say I do my own decals what that really means is I use mostly aftermarket decal sheets and some leftover bandai decals and make up my own patterns. If you look at the Sinanju Marking Guide you willsee what I mean.

  7. Sambo says:

    That is an exemplary work. The gold detailing is so crisp… did you opt for to mask and spray it?

    • shika says:

      Hey syd, awesome Yellowbird you made here. I’ve been watching gunpla tv quite sometime now. And been planning to do MG Sinanju and customize it like what u did here. Just a quick question, does the beam blade and heat hawk (that is in cleat color) come with that colour (which i think it doesnt) and if its not, how did u make it like the colour if your choice? Can it be done by just using spray can? Keep up the good work on Gunpla TV. Cant wait for the arrival of new RG MK-II Titans and A.E.U.G.

      • syd says:

        Thanks for the kind words! You’re right in thinking that the beam effect parts come in a different color. I sprayed these ones with a clear orange spray to make them a little darker.

  8. lau says:

    hi syd can i ask what yellow did you use on this kit.
    i min tamiya has atleast 4 kinds of yellow so i just wanted to know which one did you use on this kit tnx.

  9. Loving the paint job, Syd.

    On another note, I’m considering making this my first MG kit, but I’m torn between this and the MG Shin Musha Gundam. Do you think this is a good first MG kit after 2 HGs, an RG, and an NG Red Frame? Or should I go with some other kit?

  10. xArsenalx says:

    Hi syd,
    I was wondering what kind of color did u use on your yellow bird for the bazooka and on the Lukas wisp what kind of blue did u use
    Thanks hope you reply soon and keep up the great work

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