Gaijin Gunpla

Well, I managed to make some progress but not without discovering things that will hinder my progress in the future…..

Here’s the torso. It is pretty much fully assembled in preparation for the dry-brushing and adding of damage. HOWEVER, the armour pieces that go on the shoulder are missing! 困ったな。!

I must have thrown those runners out last week when under pressure to clean my area. I am debating whether or not to send in to Bandai for spare parts or make my own. But, as I am already sending in for parts for someone else, I may just add these to the order.
And here are the feet fully assembled. The detailing was done with Gundam marker and not masking. uh oh, my reputation will take a hit here.

As part of my dirt/damage I am adding mud to the bottom of the feet so it looks like the Mecha has waded through a dirty battlefield. In human history it would be earth and blood, but as this is a future robotic machine of destruction, I am imagining he waded through a field of earth and hydrolic fluid (or something.)

Creating Mud
(the Gaijin Gunpla this-is-my-first-try-at-this-kind-of-thing way)

Step 1: Preparation

Here we have some Mr. White Putty, some water, a plastic lid, and the part I will be working on.Step 2: Squeeze some putty in there, wet your finger and smooth it out. You want it to be pretty runny but not too much. A good thrixotropic is what you are looking for here. Also, try to take a better pic of your mud. mine sucks.

Step 3: Push the foot down into the putty solution and move it around a little. Pull it off and it will give a satisfying suctioning sound, much like when you were a kid in your rainboats walking in big patches of mud while your mother yelled at you. Turn them over and let them dry.
I will be painting these with an enamel so that I can wipe off any excess easily. (I have already top-coated the armour).

That’s all for now. I should have the head finished soon and then the dry-brushing starts in earnest.

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  1. americansalaryman says:

    Moving ahead in leaps and bounds, I like the mud idea!

    And suck on the parts loss, I understand completely on the pressure part. I've actually misplaced the little green scope parts for the Sinanju's rifle during my weapons block period, and I've not been able to find them. I'm thinking something similar might have happened, so I know your pain too well

  2. lupes says:

    you da man.

    The putty thing is something I may have to take note of for future endeavors! Can't wait to see what you produce with the IWSP, if it's anything like Sinanju's weaponry it'll drop jaws.

  3. Tonzo says:

    That's an interesting technique Gaijin! I think you need to give it another coat. This time thin in down a bit more and dab a brush in it, add some dry brown pigment to the brush, and dab it on around the bottoms of the feet and around and in any crevices on the feet. Add minimal splatters low on the ankes too, but remember to keep it in scale. Mud isn't necessarily going to splash 20-30 feet into the air. I was trying to remember where I saw this fantastic mud tutorial on a tank but I can't find it now. I thought it was Fichtenfoo but I must be mistaken.

    Anyway, military modellers have the mud and dirt effects on lock. Check out this for a start:

    That sucks about losing parts under pressure to tidy up. I like to keep all my current work in the box it came in when I'm not working on it and I always triple check runners before tossing them. I keep any unused parts from a completed model in my spares box, usually trimming a section of the runner rather than the part itself.

  4. marc says:

    im keeping my eye on this especially with the mud idea. since i want to make a diorama in the near future, your tutorials are going to be quite usefull.

  5. Paul Loubser says:

    Hey very cool tutorial gonna be adding that technique to my knowledge bank.

    I also find that if you use an old brush, with mr surfacer 500 or tamiya primer out the bottle you can dip the old brush and dab the part, you have to be quick though.

    This has helped me create the caked mud look, and also tamiya putty the basic type (blueish one)

    Dip old brush in thinners the squeeze some on the part very little though and use the bush to acheive the results you want.

    Hand brush your colour, I usually use the colour of the part eg red then it dirty it up with muddy colours.
    and actually the tamiya weathering stick over it works well too.

    IIf you experiment you can use this to also create a great surface texture on armour, especially great for zaku Musha or sangokuden sd and ofcourse the musha.

    Keep the awesome tutorials coming man, and your stuff looks great.

    • syd says:

      Hi Paul,

      I have used Mr. Surfacer but only to fill scratches I had made in plastic, I will definitely have to give it a try when it comes to dirt, rust, and mud. Thanks for the great advice.

  6. Dizz says:

    syd can you just mix the paint with the putty or something like that?

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