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Well, not that time consuming I suppose. I have been occupied with other things (life) and have only done odds and ends on the Lucas Strike for the last couple of weeks. It doesn’t help that I threw out some of the parts I needed. I received some replacements from Bandai, but didn’t order everything I needed so I will be constructing one piece by myself.

Here’s my progress so far. Apologies for the crappy pics, the auto focus seems to be focusing elsewhere.

Upper body is complete! yay.

Water seal decals have been applied and scratched up a bit. Flat coat has been applied as well.

And the legs are good to go. Decals and top-coat finished.

The muddy feet are all done and attached to the legs. I darkened up the mud colour by adding black and brushing more on. It improves the look of the mud in my eyes.

And the big mess that is my work table. I have pieces and paints all over my computer desk as well.
I have to finish the skirt and the extra hands and then the mecha is complete. The weapons are about half done with some masking involved. Then the remainder of the ISWP. Oh, and the shield. Can’t forget the shield.

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  1. lupes says:

    looking good! the weathering turned out nice and the mud on the feet worked like a charm…not to mention I am a big fan of the purple.

    Will be interested in the final post for this, I can learn some stuff about weathering from you.

  2. Tonzo says:

    The mud looks much better. I am thoroughly impressed! For your first time weathering it's look haggard, used, and slightly beat up! Great job!

    More details on your weathering techniques please!

    Remember, less is more.

  3. Asian1skill says:

    the muds looking good and i like the paint job u did and weathering looks really nice. u gonna make a diorama of some sort???

  4. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    I will post up a mini tutorial in my next entry. I gotta take some more photos.

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