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Finally got around to getting enough done to make a decent blog entry. I have done the first part of dry brushing on the armour as well as the first part of the mud painting. A lot of touch up will be needed but so far so good.

The arm after some dry brushing and cleanup with enamel thinner. I will have to decal these pieces as well. I think I will use the dry-transfers and rough them up a bit. They tend to do that on their own well enough anyway.

And here’s a leg. Sorry for the blurry pics.
And a nice little hand. This set of hands comes as one piece while the other two sets need to be assembled around the weapon stock. Haven’t started on the weapon painting yet, though.
Except for the swords. Silver, Gold, Purple, and Dark blue Mica. Too much?

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  1. Asian1skill says:

    i like the damamges looks nice and it looks like the mud is coming along great

  2. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Thanks! It's my first time trying this kind of thing so I expect it to be hit or miss. So far it is more hit than miss (but that could change of course…)

  3. Tonzo says:

    Mud is a bit too much like milk chocolate.. Try dry brushing a darker brown over it to give it some more texture and dimension.

    From what I can see of the sword and the other parts they are looking good. Remember to keep your weathering in scale, confined to areas that would realistically get worn, and remember that less is more. 🙂

  4. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Tonzo, i agree about the milk chocolate. This is only the first stage of the "mud development".

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