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Kit: MG Lukas’ Strike E + IWSP


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  1. Amari says:

    That’s a sweet kit this is 1/100 right?

  2. syd says:

    Hi Amari,

    Yup, it’s the Master Grade kit. It’s a great kit and the backpack is pretty cool too.

  3. Dennis says:

    Nice job, love the weathering on it.

  4. CKai Cydek says:

    This is definitely the better of the two MG IWSP kits to choose from. It’s a few hundred Yen more expensive, but you get so much in it. Definitely has a lot of play value for your money. The only gripes I’d have with it is:

    – The Strike’s a pretty dated MS kit by now, as it doesn’t have hand pegs to hold the weapons, and the hips use those antiquated ball joints.

    – And you can’t mount all the weapons on this guy all at once.

    Fortunately, Lukas’ Strike E + IWSP comes with EIGHT PAIRS of hands (the most I’ve ever seen on any Master Grade) with which to hold everything, just like the Strike Noir kit, and it comes with all the Noir’s weapons except the Noir Striker Pack.

    Yeah…the Strike variants are definitely my favorite MGs ever.

  5. Neon Wave says:

    Awesome. Just awesome. Wish I could do something like that one day.

  6. Arsenal says:

    Hey syd,
    What kind of blue did you use for this kit and is it from tamiya?

  7. Arsenalx says:

    Hi syd, what kind of blue did you use for this kit?

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