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This is my tribute to Lupes and his Blue Berserker. I made no secret of my love for the Mica Blue he used on his Sinanju and was waiting for an opportunity to give it a try myself. After completing the build of the Gouf 2.0 I was less than satisfied with the original light blue colour for the armour so I decided I would paint. At least the light blue parts… Blue Mica! with some Mica Silver Trim!

Blue Mica body parts! (shot in the evening in a less than adequately lit room.)

and the weapons.

The Blue Mica actually sprayed darker than I thought it would. I was originally intending to paint only the light blue armour parts as I didn’t really like the colour to begin with. However, because the Blue Mica sprayed dark, it was almost the same colour as the darker armour parts. If I left it at that it would mean I had a one colour scheme Gouf. No!

Hmm… What do I do? My solution: Spray the darker armour parts with semi gloss black and then paint over that with the Blue Mica. The result?


became this:

and this:becomes this:

Oh yeah!

I spent a lot of time building this at the kitchen table with my daughter. She likes to get her hands on my decal scissors and try to cut things. Gundam is fun, isn’t it, sweetie?

I only had limited time so for the last four days I woke up at 6am and did what decaling I could until sweetie woke up at 7. It still turned out looking good though. Here’s some sneak shots until I can get to work and Gallery it up!What’s next?

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  1. kojak says:

    wow awesome turned out really well

  2. Asian1skill says:

    damn looks nice man love the blue and it does looks like lupes sinanju damn props man

  3. Busterbeam says:

    hell yeah! thats awesome! that shot of the helmet looks amazing. mica blue is the way of the future! but why'd you go for semi-gloss black and not full gloss? would have brought out the metallics of the mica blue more i think. didnt want to spend more money on paint i guess?

    get job with that man! super cute kid too!

  4. marc says:

    its looks really good, did you use anything like decal fix or so ?
    and damn what a nice shield.
    do you have any other models on the shelf to get as nice as this one ?

  5. lupes says:

    executed like a BOSS my man! Someday there needs to be a picture of team mica blue..

    I knew you liked the mica blue, and that tribute bit is one of the best compliments I've ever recieved. You did and awesome job with the Gouf, and that's taking in to account it's not my favorite design ever. The different shades used worked together damn nice, and as usual the decal work is aces. Bravo!

    By the by, I'm still working on formal pictures but here's something that you'll like:

  6. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Thanks everyone,

    @Buster: you're right. I don't want to buy any more paint. Luckily I had enough semi gloss to make it work. If it didn't I would have done Mica Blue with Smoke over top to see how it worked.

    @marc: I used Mr. Mark Softer for decals that affix to a curved surface such as the big emblem on the shield. I don't know if you can see it but I didn't wipe off some little droplets of the Mark Softer from the shield and they made a permanent little stain. As for other models on the shelf… I am a sucker for any Zaku 2.0. I think they look great, are fun to build, and articulate nicely. I may have to do another one soon.

    @lupes: Glad you like it, and very glad that I could do justice to the Mica Blue Team. The gallery will be up shortly. Love the latest pic of the Blue Berserker!

  7. mangyver5223 says:

    man, I really like ur Gouf coz it cables painted with silver colour. did u use spray or marker paint to paint it?(I salute much)

  8. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @mangyver5223: I used Tamiya Mica Silver spray for the cables. The Mica Silver is a little shinier than the Mr. Hobby Silver which I used for the pistons, inner backpack, and thrusters. Glad you like it!

  9. Tonzo says:

    oh she's mega cute.

    Awesome idea with the mica over black. It turned out superb.

  10. Zetaone71 says:

    She is super cute! I really like this kit Syd. Great use of color too. May have to be my first Zaku/ Gouf.

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