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This will be a brief entry wherein I compare the core fighters of the Ver. Ka and Ver 2.0.

In the picture below the upper core fighter is that belonging to the Ver Ka while the Ver 2.0’s is the lower. The look about the same, right? You can see the Ver Ka can sit level on its own while the Ver 2.0 cannot. I found the Ver 2.0 to feel rather flimsy.

The view from above. Ver Ka on the left and Ver 2.0 on the right. First thing to note, the red wings that fold up into the body are designed differently. This is somewhat expected considering the 7 years between kits. The Ver 2.0 wings are made of two separate pieces that are fitted together and then slid into the body of the core fighter from behind. This proved quite difficult to assemble because of the size and thinness of the pieces involved, whereas the Ver Ka wings are one piece that assemble easily by putting an upraised cylindrical piece into a hole. (giggity).

The Ver 2.0 also has two flaps that fold up from the body on either side of the tail wing. Again, because of the size of the piece involved it was difficult to assemble and I don’t really want to unfold them as they are designed to be because I fear they will pop out. The Ver Ka just seems sturdy in comparison.

Folded up into the core block. You can see that the Ver Ka (left) just has one solid piece for the bottom whereas the Ver 2.0 has one piece with sections cut making it look much better in my opinion.

And the core block from the other angle. Folding the Core block of the Ver Ka is a piece of cake in comparison to the Ver 2.0. The mechanics are the same for both blocks yet you have to be very careful with the 2.0 as it can stress the pieces when you are transforming and I am sure those thin pieces will break easily.

The Ver 2.0 (top) comes with a stand so it can be posed flying. This would be a cool feature if they had something else to act as the core block for the RX-78-2 while the Core fighter is on its stand. How does the RX-78-2 stay together if this is the case? I haven’t finished assembly of the mecha yet so I will try it out once finished. The Ver Ka has a core block that can be assembled and inserted into the Mecha while the Core fighter is out and about. Good idea, me thinks.
When you take the ease of assembly, strength of the pieces, and transformability, not to mention the lack of core block for the 2.0, I think the Ver Ka is the better of the two. Anyone else built both?

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    I think the 2.0 is better, but after depends from person to person

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