Gaijin Gunpla

Just some shots I took during the first session of the RX-78-3 build a couple of days ago. This is exactly the same kit as the RX-78-2 Ver 2.0 and the same frame as the GM 2.0 so I could do this thing with my eyes closed. I prefer the RX-78-3 to the RX-78-2 in terms of colour scheme.

The sliding mechanisms in the arms look very nice and allow a lot of movement while still looking like a piece of heavy machinery.

I sprayed the thrusters and inside of the backpack Mr. Hobby Silver just to make it stand out a bit more. Backpack! Backpack!
The sliding mechanisms on the legs are very similar to those found on the arms. The range of motion in this kit is impressive and it makes me glad that I didn’t paint it because I will be able to pose it willy-nilly without worrying about scuffing paint.
I knew I didn’t have enough time in one night to completely build the mecha. In the midst of the build I thought that it would be a change to build it half complete and half ‘nekkid’. This way I could pose him for some pics then and there. It also shows off the frame like you see in the instruction manuals.

The next night (yesterday?) I completed the build and top coated and tonight I put on all the decals. I used the leftover waterslides from the RX-78-2 build and some of the dry transfers. Stickers.. No way! Decaling has become the favourite part of a build for me. I look forward to completeling a kit just to apply decals.

Tomorrow will see me putting on the last of the decals on the weapons and doing some panel lining and touch up and he will be all finished. Then Gouf! or is it, Diorama?

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    good call on not painting and leaving the bits of the armour off. that kit looks really good! im surprised actually. i didnt expect it to look that nice.

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