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I knew this would happen. When I noticed that the stickers for the eyes were partly red I became instantly apprehensive because this red would clash with my chosen red-substitute colour. I gave it some thought and decided that I would paint the clear piece black and then make eyes myself. I have a sheet of lovely green aurora stickers that I purchased for the Sinanju build and had been wanting a shot at making ‘Aurora Eyes’. Lo and behold, thanks to my awesome skills (read: so simple a donkey could do it. A donkey with a hobby knife, anyway) I was able to cut away a tiny corner of the tiny aurora triangles making a mech shaped eye. I look forward to the photo shoot simply for the eyes!

I wonder how my co-conspirator will fair in this regard.

And now, because I like to keep everyone in suspense, the rest of this entry will be in black and white.

Two heads are better than one

Yes, I evoked that old cliche, but in the case of the Victory Gundam it is mostly true.
Here’s the Victory and Hexa heads. I am more partial to the Hexa head myself. Perhaps because it looks Patlabor-ish.
You can see my panel lining in this shot. I have yet to panel line the rest of the head but due to the size of the facemask I opted to panel line it before putting it together.
It took me awhile to assemble the Hexa head. I kept dropping, and having to search for, a ridiculously small piece. Can you guess which one? What’s really mind numbing is that I will need to apply a decal to that small piece! My eyes hurt just thinking about it.

Here I am! Rock you like a hurricane!

Yeeeaaaww! Ya, so anyway, here are the two core fighters. Well, the front half right now. I have yet to fully assemble them. Panel lining on these will also be time-consuming and test not only my dexterity but also my patience. The hexa is on the left. no right.. now wait, I can’t remember.

And here are the.. um.. well these hold the.. Okay. You got me. I have no idea what these are for. They fit inside the arms of the mecha but flip out when it transforms into I-can’t-remember mode. Let’s come back to this.

Look at that!

It’s the rarely seen Victory Crab!
Oh no! You scared it. Now it’s running away.

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  1. eviltediz43 says:

    The victory crab? Lay off the reefer dude. 😛

  2. Busterbeam says:

    yay for the patlabor reference!

  3. G.G. says:

    Gosh I must finish a kit soon so that I won't feel bad about you finihing like 6 kits already this year….

    Good WIP.

  4. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @eviltediz43: It looks like a crab to me. Really. It does.

    @Buster: I thought you would get the Patlabor reference.

    @G.G.: It's true I am going through kits pretty fast these days, but my wish list for kits grows even faster. The Sinanju Titanium finish came in today and it is gorgeous.. really, really gorgeous.

  5. marc says:

    nice WIP, looks good already and you got some nice photo's.
    very clear.
    not famliar with the patlabor thing, is it a mech anime ?

  6. Henri says:

    thanks for the gundam eye tip I personaly paint them in but using a aurora sticker looks better

  7. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    Hi Henri,

    I think with a kit like this one that has rather sunken eyes that the aurora stickers allow you to see them better. However, it is a bit of work to get them the right size and I don't know if I would do it again.

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