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…of the easy part at least.

Every section of the Victory is assembled and panel lined. The next step, which I started yesterday before the rain started falling, is to gloss coat in preparation for the decals. As this is a Ver. Ka kit, I am going to go out on a limb here and state that it will take me longer to decal this kit than the actual assembly took. No problem, I like decal work

Here he is in Hexa form:
And here are the core fighters with a couple of pieces left off to make decaling that much easier:

A problem and a solution

The Victory Gundam comes with red ring sticker for use on the knees, elbows, and side skirts. As the red is no longer my trim color I had to come up with a way to make my trim ____. My solution, which I had previously used on the Sinanju Shield parts, was to keep the red ring stickers on the backing but pull of the surrounding sticker part leaving just the rings and the centers on the backing. Prime and paint later…
I then put the rings on the gundam as one normally would, then with the centers I cut small pieces out of them to use for the side skirts.
Because I primed and painted the stickers they are a little thick and I did try to trim some of the thickness away but the paint started coming off easily so I left well enough alone.

This week will see me up at 6 am each day to try and get an hour’s worth of decaling done in the hopes that I could possibly be ready for final topcoat next weekend. Cross your fingers. As for myself, my fingers will be uncrossed as I need them for applying ridiculously tiny decals.

Should Bandai released a Perfect Grade Victory….?

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  1. marc says:

    well dont think they should release the victory in a pg yet.
    since there so many models like the strike freedom or the freedom and many more that are more loved with the fans.

    i like the victory and looking forward to some colored pictures of the kit.
    can you give it a short list of up's and downs of the kit compared to others ?

  2. mangyver5223 says:

    Wohooo…looks nice

  3. eviltediz43 says:

    As long as they release the MG Kshatriya first! 😉

    And I know I haven't made an update in a while GunGuy, but don't think I've lost interest. It's a busy time, but all I want to do is airbrush that Zaku! Once I feel like I got the technique down I think I'll nab myself a HGUC Kshatriya and make a masterpiece.

  4. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @marc: I plan on doing a kit review after the build is finished. There is a lot to like about this kit, but of course, some things that maybe could have been done better.

    @mangyver5223: Why, thank you.

    @eviltedz43: Once you have the gunpla bug, you don't lose it. What you do lose is time 😉 I think you are a step ahead of me as you have airbrushing skills. I look forward to seeing the Zaku and then the Kshatriya.

  5. eviltediz43 says:

    All those airbrush skills are wasted during the intense Arizonan heat though. 100 degree weather and less than 20% humidity during the day does not play well with airbrushes, let alone primer cans. A few of FoW modellers here in phoenix wake up at 2am and turn on the misters just to get some priming done! XD

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