Gaijin Gunpla

I took this guy home at the end of Jan. 2010 to finally fix what I didn’t know was a problem back when I built him, one of my first kits. I originally used the supplied marking stickers. Bleh. Now I know that they are to be avoided. I got tired of looking at Mr. Matsunaga’s White Wolf standing on my desk with all his stickers on, so I took him home and tidied him up. Here’s the complete list of changes:

1)Remove stickers and use waterslides.
2)Give kit hands to GM and replace with Bclub hands.
3)All grey pieces painted German Grey.
4)Aurora stickers used for scopes of bazooka and machinegun.
5)Bazooka and machine gun and axe painted Dark Gunmetal, with blade of ax painted Mica Silver.
6)Flat topcoat.
I did lose one Bclub hand though… dammit.
You can see the gallery (complete with the old photos) here.

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