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And so begins the build on my part of the V Gundam Collaboration. Still not having much free time, most of the building will take place between the hours of 6 and 7 am before my family wakes up. 6am?! What am I thinking?! I will endeavor to build on sundays, if possible, but that means I will have to keep my daughter occupied. Fortunately, she likes Gundam too.


This is her playing with my 1/144 HGUC RX-78-2 recycled Gundam. I say playing, but I am sure in her mind she is building just like me. “こやって”

The first thing I noticed upon looking through the manual is that this is a complex build. This kit has lots of gimmicks which means many parts. Add to that the fact that this kit is rather small and you have many, small parts. Did I mention it’s a Version Ka? I think it will take me longer to decal this kit than build it. But I am getting ahead of myself here.

As laid out in the press release (nicely written by the guy that isn’t me), the white armour parts will be left as is while the painting will be done on the blue/red pieces.

These pieces won’t stay blue.

As I plan on painting these pieces I am reluctant to go through the assembly process with them until the painting process is complete. But this would mean that I can only build a small part of the mecha until I can get outside and paint. (It’s snowing as I type this.) Fortunately for me (and the American Salaryman) this kit is part of the 30th Anniversary Clear Parts Campaign so the blue pieces can be set aside yet I can continue the build using the included clear parts.

So I decided to start with the legs. And these small things took an hour just to (almost) assemble the frames.

Flexibility is key!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. eviltediz43 says:

    Those legs do look complicated. Good luck! Hopefully all those gimmicks will make for good poses.

  2. mangyver5223 says:

    What!? u let ur son playing ur gunpla? u don't mind if it damaged?

  3. Gaijin Gunpla says:


    The assembly wasn't terribly difficult, but it was time consuming. I am with you thinking that posing will be fun with this kit.


    I have a 1/144 gundam that I let my daughter play with while I work on my gunpla. This way she thinks she is working right alongside me.

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