Gaijin Gunpla

Let’s talk legs.

I’m a leg man. I cannot deny it. For myself, assembling the legs of a Gundam is the most enjoyable part of a build. I knew going in that the legs of the MG Red Astray would be a very pleasant experience, yet it wasn’t necessarily that time consuming. And the articulation!

First off, to thoroughly enjoy the gunpla, you need to rock out while building.
On the itunes: The latest album from HIM. Love this band.
Have no fear. There are wounds that are not meant to heal. and they say, ‘In Venere Veritas!’
So let’s have a somewhat step-by-step look at the assembly process of these articulate legs.

You can see in the picture above, the first three pieces go together rather simply, but the articulation is already evident.

Another piece and the piston later. (Of course, the pistons will be painted!)
The largest piece, the lower leg is attached. Note the poly-cap at the ankle. No surprise there.
At this point the manual says to slide the ミジ, or clip, into the leg to hold pieces in place. However, I was rather reluctant to do this because I will be taking this whole thing apart again in order to paint and I don’t want to make that stage unnecessarily difficult. Don’t you agree?
More articulation in the upper leg.
And another poly-cap.
And that’s it for the legs. Interestingly, the instruction manual has the hip joints as part of the skirt assembly and not the legs. We’re not at that part yet.
Here are the two pieces which make up the ankle.
Bandai used a double ball-joint ankle allowing the great amount of articulation that the Blue Frame exhibited. Often you will see the pro modelers replace a single ball joint with a double for the ankle.

Assembled during lunch; Day 3

(And that’s all I got to do on Day 3 as there was an accident on the highway and I arrived late for work by 15 minutes.)

There are wounds that are not meant to heal at all. In Venere Veritas.

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    oh yeah. the legs are quite different from the 1/100 and pg. even the pg doesnt come with a double socket joint for the ankle.

  2. Tonzo says:

    I like the idea that the engineers at Bandai pay attention to common mods and try and factor them in to future design stages. Whether or not that idea has any basis in reality is an unrelated matter. ^^

    May I ask if you can tell us a bit about your position Gaijin? It's ok if you can't or don't want to but I am interested.

    I wish I could make Gunpla in my lunch break. Indeed I wish I had a lunch break.

  3. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @Buster: Wasn't aware of the lack of double ball joint on the PG. Seems that would be a rather inflexible ankle for a kit so large. Perhaps it has more to do with the weight of the upper body.

    @Tonzo: I don't mind mentioning my position, but I think I will do so in a blog post. So look forward to that (I guess).

  4. eviltediz43 says:

    I like the ferrous red color of the leg! Good work.

  5. Tonzo says:

    Then I shall look forward to that post.

  6. One Marzukey says:

    yup…i also enjoying building the leg of the gunpla(even the macross model)….but when i started to build the 2nd leg,damn it kills my hand…but still enjoying it….

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