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With the body and major appendages assembled the more time-consuming parts of the build are out of the way, except for the giant Tactical Arms II L. All in due time. However, if you can’t wait Dalong just put his review up. That guy works faster than me!

When it comes to building the skirt section of the kit not a lot of time, or description, is needed. So let’s have a look at some pictures and I will keep text to a minimum. Nobody reads this anyway, do they?
3 polycaps =
Because this is part of the Clear Parts Campaign (how many of these have I done now? Hmm.. Let’s see… 1.. 2.. 3.. oh, sorry. I will worry about that later.) I got a bonus set of clear parts. Why not use them so you can see some armour on this thing. The white armour pieces are still on the runner. I don’t feel the need to include them in the test build and will just clip and prep for painting when the time comes. This weekend?

And here’s the clear armour skirt.

Assembled before work; Day 4
Lower body assembled. There may be some limitations on the posability as the top part of the leg frame prevents the hip joint from opening much past 45 degrees.
Let’s slap the torso on there.
I was going to put the arms on at this point but then realized I hadn’t yet constructed the shoulders. Pretty standard fare for gunpla. But what I do find interesting is…

…this vent that goes on the back of the shoulder. Of course I am going to paint the shoulder frame a different colour so it shows through the vents. Of course.While I’m at it…

The finger-mod is technically possible, but would require cutting through more plastic than with the other MG kits (i.e. Sinanju). I don’t really feel the need to do the finger mod any more to tell the truth.
Here is the um.. err… the device that clips to the Red Frame’s back so that the Tactical Arms II L can be attached.

Assembled during lunch; Day 4

Show us what you got, Red.

And then it came time to do the Tactical Arms II L. I am going to get tired of typing that. This thing is big. Really big. And because it transforms between 95 different modes, there are a lot of pieces.

Step 1:Step 2: (there’s some white armour pieces that are supposed to go on here, but… you know.)
This is not a poly-cap.
Step 3:
Step 4: This thing is huge! And because of how it assembles will make painting it relatively simple. I am considering whether it is worth it to remove the seam lines.
And this is as far as I got before I had to stop for the day. Wednesday is 夫婦 (husband and wife) movie night.

Assembled after work: Day 4

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  1. Tonzo says:

    Was 'mount' the word you were looking for?

    What's on at the movies tonight?

  2. Aulon says:

    looks realy nice 😀 TAIIL (you see? it can be short 😛 and you won't be tired of typing it) is indeed huge, it's a good and a bad thing at the same time… one thing i noticed on Dalong is that MG is a little shorter than NG, wich is interesting as most of MG are taller tahn their NG brothers (ie Freedom or I Justice – that's the one with completly diffrent proportions…)

    I have to say, red frame looks damn wierd without the neck armor, I know you didn't put that spine-like thingy because of painting but… it looks totaly out of place 😛

    good work so far, keep it coming, I wish i would be able to work so fast, well I snap kits realy fast (the same day I get them) but then I always come up with some wierd modding or painting that takes helluvalot of time (for me at least), check my blog to see what I mean :P.
    I always promise myself taht my next build will be simple OOB but I never keep that promise.

    damn I got sidetracked again…

    tl:dr good work, keep it up 😀

  3. mangyver5223 says:

    the clear parts given by bandai is cover up whole body or half of it?

  4. Busterbeam says:

    the feet still seem a bit small to me but… i'm sure this thing is going to be great in the end. i'd have bought it myself if i didnt already have 3 different astrays…

    btw i sent an email to your hotmail account. please check it when you have time.

  5. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @Tonzo: Mount works. For the movie we watched The Lady in the Water by M. Night Shilamawamadingdong. It was pretty good actually.

    @Aulon: I shall going forward refer to it as TAIIL (if I remember). 😉 I checked out Dalong's review briefly but didn't pay attention to how it measures up against the NG. I will have to give it a closer look. I can understand about promising to go OOB but failing to do so. I usually find something I can do to change it up, whether or not it was my original intent when I started.

    @mangyver5223: The clear parts runner on this one is pretty small and only gives you the skirt armour plus a couple of pieces for the legs.

    @Buster: I thought the same about the feet at first, but don't really give it a thought anymore. This is my first astray and I don't know if I will be getting any more.

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