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Following up on the Sinanju Group Build Project on the Gundam Australia forum comes the Unicorn Gundam Group Build Project. (clicky, clicky, clicky) Of course I am taking part. Other people joining in include the American Salaryman in Tokyo and Busterbeam from Plamo Addiction may also be showing us a few things. (clicky, clicky)

I really don’t have a full idea yet of what I want to do with this kit in terms of colour scheme. Ideas pop into my head and are mulled over and either put aside for further speculation at a later time or discarded entirely. I had thought to go with more than one colour on the armour but in my mind I think the Unicorn, in Unicorn Mode in particular, looks really good as one colour. I do know, however, what my psycho frame colour will be.. Make that, what colour my psycho frame is…

Tamiya TS-54 Light Metallic Blue.
As the psycho frame is underneath all the armour and only certain parts are visible when in Destroy Mode I thought I would save some time and try to paint the pieces while they were still on the runner. For the most part, this has worked really well. Some parts will need to be resprayed later on.

I also have decided to go with aftermarket parts starting with the thrusters.
What have I assembled so far? The whole top half!
Check out the psycho frame!
I am shooting the psycho frame pics with flash to show off the light metallic blue. This got me to thinking…. “When it comes for photo shoot time, should I shoot Destroy Mode against a black backdrop having sufficient light to make the psycho frame really stand out?” I think you know the answer.

And the feet. I love assembling feet. For me, it’s really enjoyable, even Zaku feet. But the Unicorn feet are something else. The design plus the transformation ability means a whole lot of pieces in a small space.

So far good times. Once the test build is done I take it apart, prep the pieces, paint, and do it all again.

One thing I am considering…
Here’s the back of the skirt. The center piece seems rather too short for my aesthetic tastes. I thought about adding some plastic and then I realized something. The centerpiece in this unicorn is a new piece designed specifically for this new Unicorn, which means I have the old design on a runner here. I can cut off part of the old piece and use it to elongate this one… awww yeah! Will try that later.

and I already broke a piece.

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  1. Asian1skill says:

    MG group build or da hg???

  2. mangyver5223 says:

    wow, although the psycho frame painted, but I can still see its transparency

  3. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @Asian1skill: Any kind of Unicorn can partake in the Group Build. With so many kits to choose from the opportunity for this to be a large GB is there.

    @mangyver5223: When I tested this color on a piece of the psycho frame sprue it kept its transparency very well. When I went crazy with the light blue metallic spray, the transparency was pretty much lost but the metallic gives off a good shine.

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