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So I can’t leave well enough alone…

This is the middle piece of the back of the skirt (Ver. Ka use). In the Ver Ka kit this piece was too long and interfered with the rotational movement of the torso. Bandai rectified this on the new OVA kit, however, I still didn’t like the look of the piece. Am I ever satisfied?
Let Dalong show you what I mean.

You can see that the central block of the rear skirt armour looks rather short when compared to the pieces on either side of it. I wanted to try and make it slightly longer.

Using the old central block that is now a spare part on the OVA kit I took my trusty saw and, well, you already saw that part. Get it? ‘saw that part‘! I’m awesome today!
Let’s glue these pieces together!
I will let that sit for a couple of days and maybe add some more glue or just move right to the putty part. Then sanding, mr. surfacer, and painting.
Here’s how the front of the shield turned out after taking the masking off.

Apologies for the quality of the pic. The iphone was handy and I snapped these pics rather than get up and look around for the camera. Don’t waste time when you can Gunpla, folks!
And the moving pieces of the shield are also finished, although I may add a panel line or two.
If you look carefully, and have good lighting (none of which is featured in this pic taken hastily this morning) the metallic blue piece is still transparent. Success!
When not working on the Unicorn I have caught myself daydreaming about it. I am sure I am not alone in this regard however I am reluctant to state it openly (especially to women). These daydreams let me to come up with an idea.
If I can pull it off, epicness! Is epicness even a word? My word processor says otherwise. epicnicity?
I will be getting a hold of some extra parts courtesy of ASM and Bandai and will use them towards the epic. This part will be kept secret.

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    I don't get how it can still be transparent with the blue paint on it. shouldnt it be purple if its that thin?

  2. Tonzo says:

    That's a good question Buster. I propose that colour spectrum changes are more likely to occur when painting clear yellow paint, for example, over clear red paint, than painting one clear colour over a clear coloured part.

    I can see the translucency in the pics – you can make out the manual through the blue. Nice! I do like a good shield.

  3. eviltediz43 says:

    Looking pretty good as usual gaiguy! I'm digging the shield the most.

    I myself am getting back into my Zaku II FZ. I've also changed the URL and name of my Blog FYI.

  4. G.G. says:

    Nice progress. You are serious into modding these days. I can't wait to see how your mods turn out.

  5. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @buster: I don't know how it maintained its transparency either. But I hold it up to the light, and sure enough, it's transparent.

    @Tonzo: I also am a person who likes a good shield. It can really add (or take away from) the final look of the kit.

    @eviltediz43: I noticed the change on your blog the other day. Looks good, btw. I am jealous of your details on your small military pieces. I look forward to seeing what you come up with when you apply that experience to your gunpla.

    @G.G.: I really want to get into more customization, but am afraid I will wreck something beyond repair. Oh well, I guess that's what Bandai's Replacement Part Center is for.

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