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Well, not a whole lot to report but I did manage to get some things done this past week despite being busy with other things occupying my time and mind. It seems quite a few people involved with the Unicorn Group Build have been busy with some important things lately. Which reminds me, ASM you should contact me ASAP. Stories to tell.

Here’s the end of the Bazooka. I masked it and painted the Silver Leaf however, the black did need to be touched up. The copic markers worked well and you can only see the marker marks if you look closely (which is exactly what my camera does when in macro mode…)

Here’s the rest of the bazooka. The seam lines are in the process of being removed. I had to add some more glue to some seams to fill a gap. I try to use glue for that rather than break out the putty which is more time consuming.
And the lower half of the legs are almost complete. There are a lot of pieces on this thing! More decaling is needed before the final assembly of the legs will be finished. I think I could pound it out in one night if I wasn’t so distracted right now.
You can see the piece that is painted a lighter gray than the majority of the armour on the knee joint. I wanted to break up this big mass of gray without resorting to Ver. Ka like decals. After the V Gundam, I live in fear of the Ver. Ka decals. In the natural light it looks pretty good.

I will have a whole week off starting on thursday. Hurray, for Golden Week! When I am not out and about I plan on jumping on this thing with enthusiasm in order to get it completed before the Musha Mk II arrives. I am still 面倒くさい about the putty work, though.

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  1. Tonzo says:

    Otsukaresama deshita!! Enjoy Golden Week.

    Don't fear the putty, it isn't a big deal.

  2. G.G. says:

    yum… I like that metallic blue. I recently got a couple of bottle of the stuff myself. And I plan to use it on my first BB Sengoken White Tiger kit. Yes I have finally fallen prey to BBs, but not a fan yet.

    Anyhow, I am eagerly awaiting the secret to your unicorn Gundam, which you have yet to disclose.

  3. vator says:

    Nice to meet you.
    I'm a Japanese student.

    You are good at GUNPLA!
    So cool!

  4. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @Tonzo: I am enjoying the days off so far, mayb a little too much!

    @G.G.: The metallic blue worked out better than expected for me. Most of the pieces still retain their transparency, noticeable when held up to the light. I haven't done a SD kit yet myself, but the Unicorn one looks like it would be fun.

    Modifications may have to be cancelled as I am running out of time to work on this thing. In a way I just want to get to the finish line.

    @vator: 始めまして! Thank you for visiting my blog. Your English is very good!


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