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When I was doing the test build, one thing I noticed about the arms was that some of the psycho frame showed through even when in Unicorn mode. Let Dalong show you what I mean.

Look to the outside of the elbow joint part of the frame. You can see the red psycho frame. Yada! What can I do about this? I considered using mesh tubing, but finding one that small may prove difficult. I then thought about covering that gap with some plastic, but that would interfere with the rotational movement (even though I don’t know why this part has hinges anyway).

Here’s the pieces in question:

My solution?

Enter the 0.03 mm styrene!

Now wouldn’t it be nice if the styrene width was the perfect length for that gap? Of course it would be nice. However, life doesn’t work that way.

I took my trusty Buzz Lightyear ruler (don’t make me post pics) and measured the gap to be about 6 mm by 3mm. I then cut that size out of the styrene and test fitted it. Too large. After some trimming I got it to the right size.

I won’t be using glue to hold this in place because I want this piece to be able to pivot as it is a hinge of some sort. The paint will be what holds this piece in. As you can see, it still rotates!


Success times four!

This is the easiest modification I will be attempting on this kit. The next modification will be done to the feet and, as it involves putty, will be much more difficult. Even moreso when you consider my inexperience with using putty.

Then the secret modification that will blow your minds (should I pull it off).

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  1. Tonzo says:

    Exciting! What could this masterful revelation be?

    Nice tip with the styrene. I might try this.

  2. Roger says:

    actually, the hole is for you to mount the shield/gun; maybe u should test it before u glue anything into place?

  3. lupes says:

    I love how with each kit you're trying new and bigger things. Mad ups for the boldness, it'll pay off in the end for sure.

  4. G.G. says:

    How are u going to use the putty on the feet?

    I also wonder with great expectation what the secret modification would be.

  5. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @Tonzo: Maybe I spoke a little too soon. Last night I was playing around with the pieces I am thinking of greatly modifying and maybe my idea won't work the way I originally envisioned it. I will have to do some more contemplation. (bawk bawk bakawk).

    @Roger: Nooooooooooooooooooo! Say it isn't so. Kids, this is why you read the instruction manually completely before building (and modifiying!). Luckily I wasn't planning on glueing anything so I can pop those pieces out if I want to. I don't plan on mounting the gun that way, but I do want to mount the shield so maybe I just pop one of them out. However, I definitely need to look into how the Gatlings mount. Thanks, Roger!

    @lupes: Yes, bigger things, but maybe not necessarily better. 😉

    @G.G.: I want to lengthen the feet as I consider them too small so I will be adding putty to the front of it and sanding it down. As an experienced puttyer, what do you think of my plan?

  6. G.G. says:

    @GaiGun: I think you are definitely skillful enough for the task. Looking forward to your progress.

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