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When it comes to Gunpla!

I have managed to use some of my extra free time to apply the remainder of the decals (sans shield) and start final assembly. I love days off! Now if only I was organized and used my free time more productively, I might actually be able to do the things I am supposed to do such as studying my Japanese. Ah heck, it’s the holidays.

Onto the Gunpla!

The skirt is completely finished. All decals have been applied and a coat of Flat has been sprayed.
Here is the result of my lengthening of the center block on the rear of the skirt. I added some Wave decals to the area that was lengthened in an effort to make it look like I did a better job than I did 😉
Open sez me!
By the power of Grayskull!

I am using the same Wave decals I used on my Sinanju and pretty much following the same process as before; cut away the tiny parts of the decal you don’t want, or conversely, cut away the tiny parts that you do want. This took longer than I had anticipated, but still nowhere near as long as with the Yellowbird. I wanted only minimal decals on this bad boy.
With these I cut away the tiny red circle.
And then used them for the shoulder armour, resulting in..
There’s one piece that was just topcoated today so final assembly of the shoulders will wait for now.

Here’s what the legs look like with the custom decals.
(hmm.. dare I make a Decal Guide like I did with the Yellowbird?)

For the armour on the arms, I needed a really small decal. Actually, I needed four really small decals. However, what I had that I could use looked like this. (red circle already cut away.)
Cutting the text into a square shape using the width of the word ‘Caution‘ as a guide…
x 4!
With the final result looking a little something like this:

I also have a completed torso to show off! Unfortunately, the pictures turned out poorly so my showing off is rather anticlimactic.

Some of you may remember this:
It was the first picture I released revealing the colour scheme of my Sinanju. Many people were quick to notice the German warning sticker on the side of the head.

And now.. Pair-look!
I decided to do this rather last minute so it had already been flatcoated. I used my marksofter to make quick work of this decal.
That’s about it for now. I am currently working on the masking on the bazooka. I do mean currently. I am actually doing it while I create this blog entry. T h a t i s w h y I a m t y p i n g s o s l o w l y.

I also spent twenty minutes this afternoon to nip, sand, and paint the hands. I will check for any paint errors and if everything looks fine, flat top coat in the morning before I head off to the zoo. It’s Childrens’ Day in Japan tomorrow and I will be spending it with my family. Speaking of family, it was the 5th anniversary of my marriage on May 2nd. How time flies when you are… living life.

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  1. Marzz says:

    Wow, looking good. Those decals are terribly small! I never use those small decals, haha!

  2. igro says:

    The flat coat really turned out well 🙂 And the decals work is, as usual, very detailed (yet not overdone). Can't wait to see the whole thing!

  3. G.G. says:

    Congrat on your anniversary!

    Very nice application of decals, I don't see any errors on them at all. I still love that metallic blue that u are using. They should've use this color for the full armor version instead of that horrendous green.

    So how do you your decals? Use Mark Setter & Mark Softer?

  4. mangyver5223 says:

    woo………long time not visit this blog since a bout month ago……..I once again Salute ur emerging skills. And also, I oficially invited u to chat in my new chatroom named GunplaForLife. Please go to this blog: and u will notice the chatroom box below the headings of my blog's title

  5. Arein says:

    The decals looks real nice and subtle.. I wonder if I'd get the same feeling on the Ver. Ka I'm building xD

  6. Busterbeam says:

    excellent decal work as usual and love the effect the flat coat gave. looking good! also this blog post was funnier than usual. by the power of grayskull!!! haha

    congrats on your anniversary too!

  7. G.G. says:

    Yeah, by the power of grayskull is funny stuff. But I've always wondered why the folks in the cartoon did recognize the prince & He-man is the same person??? That had always boggled my mind.

  8. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @Marzz: You're right they are small. And I cut them down making them even smaller. My eyes are angry at me.

    @igro: Thanks for the comment! We still have some ways to go before it is completely finished but the end is in sight.

    @G.G.: Thanks! I use Mr. Marksofter only. And even then I only use it when the decal is going on a curved or angled surface, or when I am applying a decal overtop of a flat coat. I recently went back and added some decals to the torso because I felt it looked plain.

    @mangyver5223: The chatroom looks nice. If I ever have free time (haha) I'll try to make it over there.

    @Arein: Fear the Ver. Ka! After doing the V Gundam, I wanted to make sure I avoided another Ver Ka decal job for some time.

    @Busterbeam: 5 year anniversary is the 'Wood anniversersary'. So I bought my wife a shelf.

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