Gaijin Gunpla

The G Gundam. When I first saw images of it as a Master Grade kit I wasn’t too intrigued. The glowing hand doesn’t do anything for me really and I don’t know the anime at all. However I felt strongly compelled to pick it up after looking through the manual and box, and it’s tough to resist the plamo temptation. Open up the manual and you are shown a very nice kit. A lot of work has been done to that kit in the picture and perhaps I can come up with something similar, or destroy it altogether. But that’s okay! It’s an HG. Far less expensive than an MG and I won’t feel a great loss if I screw something up.
Open up the box and here’s what you will see. Three bags of runners. That’s it? Just three? I am disappoint.

Here’s the.. what’s this thing again? Sometime I feel I need a Gundam tutor. Someone who can tell me what the hell this thing is that I am constructing and what it does. According to the manual this is the コアランダー. Okay then.

And here’s the torso semi-assembled. One thing I noticed right away is that although the manual shows these tubes as being yellow, they are just molded in blue with the rest of the chest. Hmm. I may want to fix this.
Here is one tiny head. Really tiny. The macro setting really shows a lot of the detail though. If you look closely, you can see my DNA. Megapixels at work!

The forearms were very straight forward, much like the rest of this little HG. One thing I have noticed during construction is that the armour doesn’t really fit over top of an assembled frame like an MG but rather, the frame pieces are more or less constructed around the armour pieces. What does this mean? Easy seam line removal!
Shoulders! I will definitely be removing seam lines on these (among other things). More on that later.
Tuddah! Arms! (Really, what else is there for me to say here?)

And the top section is complete. I am impressed by the amount of detail molded into this HG kit. People have been applauding Bandai’s HGUC line for some time and now I can see what all the fuss is about. I am intrigued.

…and Suntory Premium Malt Beer… mmm…

I like the design of the feet and haven’t considered any modifications, but that could change at any time though. I be wishy washy.

Here are the sections you assemble before the final construction of the legs. Again, due to the way the legs are designed, seam line removal looks to be easy, but how many seams/panel lines are too many? Too few?_

The assembled skirt. I already have decided on a modification to this section (explanations on the way).

And there he is fully assembled. All systems go!

But this is more how I wanted you to see him.

Next post I will explain some of the sections I want to change and the modifications I anticipate doing. I should mention here that I chickened out on the planned modifications to the Unicorn. After several different design attempts I wasn’t confident enough in my plan of action for modification and the last thing I want is to have the overall look of the Unicorn model ruined, or detracted from, because of terribly modded feet. I think the HG line will be my playground when it comes to mods, putty, and sculpting.

What does this mean for you, the reader? Unicorn photo-gallery soon! I hope to be finished before the Musha MKII hits this thurdsay.

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  1. Marzz says:

    You haven't built a HG kit yet? They require much more work than MGs to get the color schemes right, and yea, the HGUC line is pretty good.
    Not a fan of the G gundam's design though….. So I am safe from it^^

  2. igro says:

    You might be lucky not to have seen the anime – for me it was too "super robot"-ish (especially, if you just finished watching stuff like Gundam 0080 or 0083).

    As for the HGUC line – I agree, I see the same (high) level when working on my Kshatriya. It could use some more panel lines, though. And more importantly, some (any, actually!) decals. Where there any decals supplied with the G Gundam? Apart from the usual horrid stickers, of course :/

  3. G.G. says:

    I am definitely not a G Gundam fan. But will be getting this for the fun of it.

    Love your 1st work log of this kit. Yeah High Grade kits is a bit of a challenge to work on. And I look forward to see your progress.

  4. Derringer says:

    The コアランダー stands for the Core Lander, i.e. it serves the same function as the Core Fighter and Core Splender.

    Also you really should be watching the shows of the stuff you buy, then you wouldn't be questioning the stuff on the model.

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