Gaijin Gunpla

This being an HG, I am not as hesitant to jump in and start messing it up as I would be with an MG kit that I paid several thousand yen for. The first mod in this build occurred when I was building the skirt. It snapped. But it snapped right in the middle where I was going to cut it anyway. This will allow the front sections of the skirt to move independently. I will leave it the way it is so that there is some friction which will help these pieces stay in position.
Here’s the upper leg. The side has a seam line yet the rest of the side of the leg has no panel or seam line. So.. let’s get rid of that seam.

Oh ya. Just lather that glue in there.
The red wing pieces of the コアランダー have hollow on the inside for reason unbeknownst to me. It looks kind of tacky, and there is no indication in the manual that there is a purpose to them (although I have been known to miss those kinds of things). To the putty!
That’s better.

On the underside of the shoulders there are small vents. If I left them as is they are almost indistinguishable from the rest of the shoulder due to being molded as part of the shoulder armor. I want to bring those out.

That’s one way to bring it out!

I haven’t yet decided what I will use as a vent, whether I will clean up the piece I just cut out or whether I will look at aftermarket pieces, or even build my own. It’s all up in the air.

One thought I had; if I build my own vents the gaps would probably be fairly large, meaning what is behind the vent would be viewable. As it stands, the underside of the shoulder pieces aren’t all that nice to look at so I figured I would put in a ‘background’ before moving onto a decision with the vents.

We’ll just glue this little plastic piece in here.
Let that dry and then glue the shoulders together so I can take out the seam lines.

That’s it for today. Next up I will be trying to figure out what I will do with the head. There’s a big seam on there as well but modding it may be a little difficult. I have a plan that may work though.

In Unicorn news, the feet have been decaled as well as the Gatlings. I now await a rain free day in which I can spray the final topcoat and then do the final assembly.

Then pictures!

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  1. G.G. says:

    Great update. You will find that HG kits usually have parts that have empty areas (just like the Red Wing), is a way for Bandai to save some plastic and to challenge the gunplars' skills.

    Usually the empty areas are the underside of the shoulder, the back of the skirts, and the bottom of the feet. So pretty much those need to be putty.

    Another thing about HG kits are the seam lines that needs to be erase. I think your method using plastic glue will do the job well.

    I like how you are using your imagination with the shoulder vents. What do u have in mind for that? Looks like a great place to add in real vent pieces using pla-plates.

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