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…things get done!

I used a few spare minutes I had here and there during the last couple of days and was able to finish some of the little things. Such as:

1) Clip, nip, sand, paint, topcoat and build the hands.2)Finish assembly of the shoulders.
3)Insert the sensor for the bazooka.
4) Add some decals to the upper arms and torso to break up all that gray.
I did this after top coating with Flat so I definitely had to use the Mark Softer to keep them on and prevent silvering.

5) Decal the Bazooka ammo cartridge. (I may add one more)
6) Apply decals to one side of the bazooka. Decal work. Once I get going.. I can’t stop!

There are a couple things I noticed that need to be painted again. For instance, this part of the bazooka should be silver not black (oops).

And this part should be all silver. (again oops)

7)I also sprayed paint on the destroy mode antennae, but have not yet decided exactly how it should look. I keep forgetting about this piece, actually. Hence the lack of picture.

And I still have to work on the feet. I have sanded them down and the next step will be measuring and drawing to decide exactly how much I want to extend them. I feel they are too short for such a tall kit so I want to give them a beefier look. I have a feeling this will be the last piece of this puzzle.

Oh, except for the Gatlings! Hrrrr..

Tomorrow I am a busy bee, meeting a Canadian friend and taking him to the dojo for morning practice, returning home hurriedly so the wife can have an hour or two to herself before I have my japanese lesson in the afternoon, after which I hop on the train right away to Akiba and meet The American Salaryman where we will be exchanging pieces of plastic and stories over beers. And the next weekend we do it again, but this time with Buster from Plamo Addiction.

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  1. igro says:

    Damn, the flat gray + the underlying blue metallic are looking awesome. Thanks to this model's "test look", it's perfect for all those "Caution" etc decals… A heaven for you, eh? 😉

  2. Tonzo says:

    Well its abundantly clear who is going to cross the finish line first with this one. ^^

    Your busy day sounds like fun. I note with interest you and your wife were married one month to the day after me and mine, and both of our daughters are 2 and a 1/2. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  3. Busterbeam says:

    ya looking forward to it! love the cosmic ray protection decal. never seen that before

  4. vator says:


  5. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @igro: Glad you enjoy the color combination. I pondered over it for quite a while standing at the paint rack in Yodobashi Camera.

    @Tonzo: I think I will cross the finish line first by default. Everyone else seems more preoccupied with other things than I am.

    @ Buster: The Cosmic Ray Protection decal is part of the Wave set of decals. I hadn't used one before but this was the right size so I went for it.

    @vator: コメントありがとうございました。 そうですね。ユニコーンは模型として難しくないだけど、時間かかっていますね。

  6. mason says:

    ver.ka or ver.ova?

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