Gaijin Gunpla
I thought I would detail the last few, well, details that I put on this little beauty.
I used the parts of the outline of the foil stickers to fill hollows in the head and also the shoulders.

I masked off the part of the chest which would stay blue and then sprayed some Gun Metal then followed that up with an Aurora sticker. I love you Aurora stickers! Alas, you are almost gone.

This HG turned out to be a lot of fun to work with and the end result is, I feel, one of my best looking pieces of work which surprises me considering how small this fellow is.

Frame: Gun Metal
Yellow: Tamiya Chrome Yellow
Red: Mr. Hobby Red
Blue: Mr. Hobby Blue
White: Mr. Hobby Gray #9
Top-coated with Mr. Hobby Super Clear Flat
Decals: GD-75 MG V Gundam Ver Ka. Decals (perfect size too!)
Aftermarket parts: Kotobukiya Duct Nozzle II
You can see it in the gallery section.
You can see all pics in the gallery.

I tried to get a good close-up up the head here to show the panel line work as well as the final look of the V-fins.

Here you can see the aftermarket vents/nozzles after painting.
In this shot you can see the aftermarket vent/nozzle I put in the shoulder, the job I did filling in the underside of the claws and the hollows on the red ‘wing’ which I also filled in. You also will not see the male/female connector on the underside of the armour which I successfully hid under a small piece of plastic.

And here’s the Core Lander.

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  1. Ben says:

    Hey, Syd

    Having seen the finished product on the site, I have to say this is a fantastic build! I’m posting here as this is where you mention the paints used. For the blue, what is the exact name and number of the mr hobby blue used? Is it an aqueous color, or part of mr hobby’s gundam color range?

    If you’re able to respond, It would be much appreciated, thank you.


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