Gaijin Gunpla

With the G Gundam the idea is to play around and experiment with modifications and such. So let’s look at what has been done with the head. Above you can see the three pieces that make up the head. I wanted to try and get rid of the seam line which means…

First you take this piece and…


Right in half!

Cutting this piece allows me to glue the seam line and then insert this piece afterwards. But to do that I need to…


Gauge out that extra plastic!

Then glue the pieces together. I also took the opportunity to reshape the lower ‘jaw’ part of the face, by cutting away some plastic and giving it a sharper look.

And this is where we’re at. So far so good.

I then moved onto the dual V-fins. First I cut some plastic off the ends, then sanded them down to make them sharper.

And then…


Okay, nothing too exciting here. I simply separated the small fin from the large one.

And then I cut away some plastic near the base of the V-fin.

Leaving that for now I moved onto the legs. Or would the correct tense be; Leaving that for then I moved onto the legs. I’ve been in Japan just long enough to start losing some English. Soon I will speak neither language well. But I digress… I won’t be doing anything to the armour but I did want to try something with frame. I picked up some parts from Wave and Kotobukiya.

I test fitted a vent, or is it nozzle?, onto the leg frame where the rear armour lifts off, however, it was slightly too long and prevented the leg from closing properly. I had to cut away a tiny sliver of plastic and do some sanding.

I broke out my seldom-used tube of Mr. White Putty and got to work filling in the spaces.
After that dried I sanded it down and then glued on the the Nozzles. Or was it Vents? What word did we decide to use for these? They look alright don’t you think?
Next up: Mods to the forearms and shoulders.

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  1. igro says:

    They look mighty good 🙂 Eh, if only I had such easy, fast and cheap access to extra gunpla parts… I have to order them, it takes ~two weeks for them to get here and the shipping costs are usually like 50% of the whole order :/

  2. Busterbeam says:

    curious to see how you attach the face plate. i like the nozzle/vent use! i wonder how it will look in the end

  3. mangyver5223 says:

    Good modding job at the head

  4. G.G. says:

    I love watching others doing mods to their HG kits. Good progress. The head work will surely payoff in the end. My only suggestion would be to make sure the faceplate can be easily slid into the head, because with a couple coat of paint, the piece is a tad thicker already.

    Hope to see further mods for your G Gundam soon. Think I can see some of your work when I visit u later this summer?

  5. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @igro: Yup, living in Japan (and working where I do) means I can get stuff pretty easily. Sometimes I like my life.

    @Buster: I finished painting and assembling the faceplate last night. It will be final-assembled shortly. My method.. Glue! Details to come.

    @mangyver5223: thanks!

    @G.G.: I was thinking the same thing about the faceplate when I started hacking it up. We'll see if my idea works.

    Most of my Gundam are on my desk at work. So if you wanted to see them you would have to come there. Douzo.

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