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It was a rainy day yesterday and my daughter and I got a little bored sitting at home so we grabbed our umbrellas and walked up to the Toys ‘R’ Us, or as she calls it, “ABC!” She likes to read the big letters on the wall every time we go there and then she sings the ABC song for a while afterwards.

Once inside I headed towards the Gundam section but she grabbed my hand and led me off to the section where the riding toys are located. She found one she really liked and proceeded to putt around the store for 10 minutes. I eventually gave up following her and told her I was going to see Gundam and she followed me on the toy.
“Gundam yaritai! (I want to do Gundam!)”, she said when she saw all the boxes, so I grabbed a couple of SD/BB Gundams and asked her which one she wanted.
“Kochi (This one!)”

The O Gundam Type A.C.D
I have no idea what any of that means, but it’s kind of cute.
So we went to the cashier, paid our 499 yen, and walked home, although she decided she didn’t want to carry her umbrella so I had to follow behind her holding her umbrella above her the whole way.
“Akete! Akete!” (open it!) is what she asked me as soon as we got in the door. So I did.
I didn’t bother using any cutters, just pulled the parts from the runner and handed them to her and showed how they fit together. She, for the most part, put the parts together on her own.

Of course, her favourite part was the stickers and she did her best to put them in the right area. I had to fix only a couple of them. Once the sections of the SD were assembled she stuck the ball joints into their sockets and we were done!

And the most important thing when it comes to Gunpla, and life in general, is to enjoy yourself.

Good job, junior!

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    omg too cute! what a great post! maybe one of my favourite gunpla posts ever

  2. americansalaryman says:

    agreed on the cuteness, and love how you're starting your daughter down the path, she's going to be a Gunplar for life at this rate!

  3. Zircor says:

    That is so damned cute 🙂 As I don't have kids of my own (and probably won't ever, at the rate I'm going) the best I can aspire to is introducing my 2 nieces and nephew to this wonderful hobby. Nieces are 4 and 3, nephew is going to be 1 in a few months.

    How old is your daughter?

  4. G.G. says:

    She is so darn adorable. You are a lucky man.

    The SD 0 Gundam is pretty niffy too. Now I want one.

  5. Tonzo says:

    haha she's gorgeous. Boy you start 'em early mate! My eldest little girl is the same age and has too much of a fascination with gunpla already. She loves playing with my Acguy at the moment.

  6. lupes says:

    Get 'em started young! She's adorable to the max.

    ACD = Actual Combat Deployment! I'm not sure where I learned that!

    • Tony says:

      ACD = the 0 Gundam was basically Gundam 00’s Tallgeese (waaayyy simplifying things here for the sake of brevity), a prototype (in this case for the power source of the series’ Gundams) and the protagonists pull it out of retirement sometime late in the series and give it a fresh, RX-78 inspired (to us… obviously the characters don’t know they’re being meta) coat of paint and deploy it as a last resort backup… hence “Actual Combat Deployment”.

  7. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @Buster: Thanks! That's high praise, indeed.

    @ASMstbO: Whether she takes to Gunpla or not is entirely up to her. I just want her to have a sense of accomplishment and see things through.

    @Zircor: Nice! You get to be that fun uncle who brings all the toys and is great to hang around. My daughter turns 3 tomorrow!

    @G.G.: The O Gundam is pretty interesting. Makes me want to go check out the HD version (And the one you built)

    @Tonzo: It's great to be able to include your children in your hobbies, ne. Soon enough she will be out chasing boys. (cringe)

    @lupes: Actual Combat Deployment? Works for me!

  8. Syful says:

    My wife saw this post and she said to me "once our baby is at her age, get her a gundam!" I was like whaa?? Anyway, it's a good start for the little one (cute!) so when we're old they're gonna continue posting their masterpiece!

  9. bloggermathai says:

    Awww isnt that sweet?
    At this rate she'll be building a PG kit soon 🙂

  10. Gaijin Gunpla says:

    @Syful: It's good to see your wife has a good head on her shoulders. 😉 Children love building things (and apparently some of us don't grow out of it). Start them early and help them discover their hidden talents.

    @bloggermathai: She may build a PG before me. I haven't done one yet!

  11. ClayCannonII says:

    So cute, hope my first BB build is this much fun

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