Gaijin Gunpla

kit: MG Musha Mk-II


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  1. Z says:

    Just jaw-dropping impressive… too awesome for my limited vocabulary ^^;. I’m a sucker for Gundams with black color schemes! Really creative of you to actually mod it to resemble more closely with the traditional armor! Little details here and there like the Geta just completes the look!


  2. Busterbeam says:

    this really is a masterpiece. i think it would be good if you took some shots with it and the regular musha together.

  3. Phyo Thant says:

    This is my favorite custom paint Musha Mk2. I want to see some more picture that posing with gun and its two kanata sword.

    • syd says:

      Hi Phyo,

      Thanks for your kind words. I actually didn’t assemble the gun and I only made one katana because I wanted it to be more historically accurate.

  4. ninong says:

    wow. great work!

    what paint did you use for the gold?

  5. Laser_Beam says:

    I really like this stuff Syd, this is really a perfect kit. Wanna create like yours, but in a different color. But i know, it can’t be as perfect as your black musha, and a perfect sword. At least i’m gonna try. Wish me luck Syd, you gave me an inspiration from this black musha mk2.

  6. Sean L. says:

    What is the Sageo made of?

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