Gaijin Gunpla

It’s Wing time! For that I grab the runner with those big, flat pieces and then… cut them out of course.

Assembly is simple but you can see that these wings will be able to move afterwards. Almost like it’s supposed to transform or something…

Attach them to the back and you’re all set.

The rifle is two pieces plus the stock which folds up into the body of the rifle when it is used in Wave Rider mode.

The shield has an interesting look and I didn’t realize at the time of assembly how it would work in the Wave Rider form. The white is a good touch.

With the shield complete the Delta Plus is his menacing self. I like how this kit look a lot like the Sinanju. A co-worker also posited that it looks like the Hyakushiki and I can’t argue with that.

Wave Rider

Because this kit is meant to transform between its two modes, Bandai supplies extra parts used to make the Wave Rider form.

You attach those to the big frame-type of piece, the largest in the whole kit.

The next step has you attach the shield.

Throw on the wings.

The previously mentioned unique design of the shoulder shows just what it was designed for as it slides into the Wave Rider frame from above.

When it comes to the legs you first have to detach the foot and then rebuild the foot using one of the parts Bandai supplied just for this kit, and then reattach the foot to the leg.

I didn’t notice this before but Bandai has designed the knee joints to bend both ways and that is exactly what happens when you change to Wave Rider.

After you’ve stripped the Delta plus of its appendages he looks at you forlornly like so.

Poor guy. He reminds me of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Here’s the parts of the Delta Plus that aren’t used on the Wave Rider.

And we’re done!

Before I get onto butchering, I mean modifying, the Delta Plus I’ll post a kit review.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hyaku Shiki was suppose to be somewhat similar to the delta plus, but the plan was scrapped, and they gave hyaku the gold painting and what not.

    • Busterbeam says:

      yeah thats right. thats why they look so similar. before the hyaku shiki was the delta gundam which looked a lot like a cross between the hyaku shiki and delta plus. the original team was supposed to be zeta and delta gundams. transforming mechanism in the delta couldnt be produced in time for the war so they scrapped it and made the hyaku shiki. delta plus is them finally getting around to mass producing it 10 years after it was first designed. TMI i know but there it is.

  2. syd says:

    Thanks, Tom. I didn’t know that before.

  3. Jay says:

    I have this kit waiting on my bench just finishing off some other models (real grade RX-78 & HGUC RGZ-95 ReZEL), but I am so itching to start building this kit, I am really surprised how different this kit is to the ReZEL in the way they transform to wave rider form, I have been a big fan of the Hyaku Shiki but I never thought the MG version did it justice. So I am stoked that bandai released this, Bandai you MUST RELEASE A MASTER GRADE OF THIS MODEL It is awesome!!

  4. casil says: delta plus repainted in Hyaku Shiki colors. I think it looks pretty good. One of these days i want this kit so I can repaint it that way.

  5. Sonar says:

    It’s a great looking kit. Very interested to see what mods & colouring you have up your sleeve.

    @Bb it’s never TMI from you, this is why I enjoy reading your writing.

    Funnily enough I prefer the look of the Delta Plus to the Hyaku Shiki.

  6. Z says:

    I really like the color scheme of this unit! It is like no-nonsense, straight-to-business type of military unit. Like the Sentinels.

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